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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2021 and 2022

Mother’s Day is observed every year on 21 March in the United Arab Emirates, as well as in a number of other Middle Eastern states. It is not a public holiday, but it is widely observed amongst the population.

202121 MarSunMother's Day
202221 MarMonMother's Day

Unlike many countries around the world, the UAE does not date Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. Instead, both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are celebrated on the 21st day of the month ¬– March for Mother’s Day and June for Father’s Day.

There are many public events and entertainment venues available on Mother’s Day in the UAE. Mum often wants to go out shopping at the mall or enjoy an upscale meal at a restaurant. In other cases, however, the entire celebration may take place in the confines of her home with all of her children, young and old, present.