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Public Holidays 2017

This page contains a national calendar of all 2017 public holidays for UAE. Please scroll down to view the list.

What are public holidays?

Public holidays are special opportunities to relax. They’re gifts we get every couple of months – a day or two off work without having to burn any annual leave.

What makes these public holidays even better is how they can be mixed with a weekend – and even a day or two of precious annual leave – to create a heavenly long weekend! These long weekends are really where the magic happens.

A three-day or four-day weekend is all the time you need for a memorable adventure. It’s enough time to grab a hire car and road-trip somewhere or fly to nearby destinations. It’s all the time you need to secure your space at the beach and 100% chill with friends.

That’s why we exist: to help you start planning to make the most of your public holidays this year and next year. We’re your trusted resource for holiday dates, and inspiration for just some of the local places you can make your destination.

The meaning behind public holidays

Public holidays serve another purpose, too. They remind us of our shared and evolving identity. Some public holidays such as Martyrs Day and National Day may not mean that much to you, but they are milestones that – every 365 days – recall the people who came before us and built the nation we call home.

The meaning of public holidays is not set in stone. Each of us gives our official public holidays meaning as we invest time in thinking about them and debating them, celebrating, commemorating or ignoring them.

Here’s the cool thing: Some of the most valuable days for our society to remember are not even official public holidays. World Refugee Day, International Women’s Day and World Teachers’ Day are not days-off, but they are days we should each make the most of to help tell others about important issues at home and abroad.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning now to make the most of your public holidays!

Note: information about laws and regulations related to public holidays is viewable below the 2017 national list.

Public Holidays 2017

1 JanSunNew Year's Day
24 AprMonThe Prophet's Ascension
27 MaySatRamadan *
25 JunSunEid Al Fitr *
26 JunMonEid Al Fitr *
27 JunTueEid Al Fitr *
31 AugThuArafat (Haj) Day *
1 SepFriEid Al Adha /
Feast of Sacrifice *
2 SepSatEid Al Adha /
Feast of Sacrifice *
3 SepSunEid Al Adha /
Feast of Sacrifice *
22 SepFriIslamic New Year *
30 NovThuMartyr's Day
30 NovThuThe Prophet Muhammad's Birthday *
2 DecSatNational Day
3 DecSunNational Day Holiday

* Subject to changes.

Laws and regulations

The labour laws in the United Arab Emirates are regulated by the Labour Ministry, which are applicable to all employees working in the country, regardless of whether in the private or public sectors. Although UAE labour laws strictly prohibit the formation of trade unions, employment contracts are honoured.

In the UAE, minimum wages are not officially established, but are outlined in employment contracts. The maximum allowed working time is eight hours per day, for a total of 48 hours per week. In some sectors including the hospitality industry, workers may be required to work nine hours per day.

Overtime compensation is typically paid at a rate of not less than 25 percent above the normal pay scale. If an employee is required to work extra hours between 9:00 pm and 4:00 am, he or she will be compensated at not less than 50 percent in addition to normal wages. In the event an employee is required to work on a holiday, an extra day may be taken in lieu of compensation, or may choose to be paid an additional 50 percent above normal wages. Labour laws state that employees may not work overtime in excess of two hours per day.

Employees in the UAE are entitled to an accrual of two days leave for each month of employment after six consecutive months. After one year, workers earn a minimum of 30 days of paid annual leave. If an employee is required to work during the annual leave period, compensation includes normal wages in addition to a leave allowance, the amount which is typically specified in the employment contract.